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News Update: Paccon Logistics has been appointed as Agents for RORO / NMT Shipping

Welcome to the home page of Paccon Logistics

We are a multi-disciplinary freight management company, operating from Durban in South Africa.

We act for agent, principal and cargo owner alike, always with the same intent and philosophy being that our responsibility is to move the cargo along the logistics chain with the minimum of fuss by alleviating the many pitfalls that can exist in this often complex process.

Achieving this efficiently and at competitive pricing, is part of what drives us to deliver.

There is no greater reward than a happy client who keeps utilising your services. Over time trust develops and solid business relationships are formed.

Our key areas of business are:

Some recent Projects

mv Savannah Belle

Vessel berthed and commenced discharge 19/01 and completed 21/01 Cargo – 142 pces / 1249 ton / 3053 m3...

mv Ottawa Princess

Vessel berthed and commenced discharge 20/06/2009 and completed 22/06/2009 Cargo – 101 pces / 496 ton / 588...

mv Oriental Elf

Vessel berthed and commenced discharge 18/08 and completed 19/08 Cargo – 4 shovel loaders each 8.1 x 3 x...

mv Ayia Marina

Vessel berthed and commenced discharge 29/10 and completed 2/11 Cargo – 1868 bndls/bags / 3667 ton / 2033...

mv Molat

Vessel berthed and commenced discharge 23/11 and completed 24/11 Cargo – 37 pces / 427 ton / 1735 m3...