mv Ayia Marina

Cargo – 1868 bndls/bags / 3667 ton / 2033 m3 comprising:

  • Construction materials
  • 526 bndls / 874 ton wire rod
  • 759 bndls / 1792 ton rebar
  • Scaffolding
  • 382 bndls / 800 ton scaffold pipe
  • 201 bags / 201 ton scaffold connectors


  • (Sun Line International Logistics)
  • (Ministry of Sport, Zambia, for the new Ndola soccer stadium)

Paccon’s scope was from liner out Durban to door destination Zambia including; arranging all relevant port and customs authority bonded clearances for transit through to site, supervise the receival of cargo ex ship and loading out, surveying and tallying of cargo for any damages or shortages, determine the optimum load configurations, appoint and manage the transport contractors, provide daily tracking reports to clients and ensure all cargo delivered to site and within the contracted time-frame of 30 days from completion of discharge.

In pure truck numbers, this job has been our single largest contract to date. To move this cargo we had to use 109 super-link trailer combinations carrying an average 33.64 ton which is right on the limit as most trailers are rated at 34 ton payload with a handful of lightweight trailers being rated at 35 ton.

Although there were no weight or dimensional issues to deal with on this job, the amount of planning was still intensive as was the daily physical and mental execution of receiving cargo ex the ship onto wharf, checking packages against the commercial documents, and supervising the loading. An added factor on this job was having a cargo repair team on site to attend to the fairly common issue, with this type of cargo, of broken straps and loose bundles, as well as trying to straighten some the thinner diameter rebar which is easily bent through being handled multiple times between ex works and landing on our wharf.

In order to achieve our contracted turn around time of 30 days we needed to load out on average 7 / 8 trucks per day for 14 days.

Suffice it to say the last load arrived at site in 2 days inside our deadline.