mv Sea Breeze

Cargo – 268 pces / 1416 ton / 2477 m3 comprising

  • Steel – various including I beams up to 15 m long
  • Knocked down steel structures and equipment
  • Largest pieces – 4.55 x 3.75 x 3.43


  • (Sun Line International Logistics)
  • (Chambishi Copper Smelter, Kitwe, Zambia)

Paccon’s scope – from liner out Durban to door destination Zambia including; arranging all relevant port and customs authority bonded clearances for transit through to site, supervise the receival of Cargo ex ship and loading out, surveying of Cargo for any damages or shortages, appoint and manage the transport contractors.

With the berth area in the port allocated for the vessels discharge undergoing refurbishment of the paving, it meant the laydown area was hundreds of meters away from the ship instead of being adjacent to it as is usually the case. This puts a lot of pressure on available port handling equipment for simultaneous discharging and loading out onto trucks and also meant having 2 teams working in the port to monitor the now separated operations.

In addition to poor port working conditions, we were to be further frustrated by restricted travel conditions imposed on abnormal travel due to the winter school holidays. Of the planned 51 truck loads on this job, 19 were semi-abnormal with 12 loads being sufficiently abnormal to incur restricted travel days. This meant limited travel.

These kind of issues are important considerations when dealing with Cargoes coming into or transiting South Africa.

Suffice it to say the entire job took 34 days instead of the hoped for 30.