mv Ntabeni

vessel berthed / commenced discharge 30/5 and completed 1/06


  • steel pipe and fittings – 207 pces / 382 ton / 828 m3
  • mobile equipment – 7 units / 97 ton / 476 m3


  • (Sun Line International Logistics)
  • (Lunsemfwa Hydro Power, Mulungushi, Zambia)
  • (Feza Mining, Likasi, DRC)
  • (CGM Lishi Mining, Lubumbashi, DRC)

Paccon’s scope – from liner out Durban to door destination Zambia including; arranging all relevant port and customs authority bonded clearances for transit through to site, supervise the receival of Cargo ex ship and loading out, surveying of Cargo for any damages or shortages, appoint and manage the transport contractors.

With 17 truck loads planned, including 5 for the mobile equipment, a straightforward job with no heavy lifting or unusually abnormal items to contend with, just the nearly 1m diameter pipes being a little tricky to handle.

Loading out commenced within a few hours of the ship completing discharge and all loads were despatched within 5 days and delivered within 25 days as per the Clients requirement.