mv Sea Life

Cargo – 233 pces / 1569 ton / 3460 m3
(originally a 5000m3 project – see note below) comprising

  • Steel, steel structures and plant machinery & equipment
  • Including steel plate @ 10.7 long / 4.6 wide
  • Plant up to 17.0 long, 5.0 wide and 3.5 high


  • (Sun Line International Logistics)
  • (Chambishi Copper Smelter, Kitwe, Zambia)

Paccon’s scope – from liner out Durban to door destination Zambia including; arranging all relevant port and customs authority bonded clearances for transit through to site, supervise the receival of cargo ex ship and loading out, surveying of cargo for any damages or shortages, appoint and manage the transport contractors

Due to the configuration of some of the items on this project we undertook a pre-shipment inspection in Shanghai. This had to be the worst time to do this as it was during January which just happened to co-incide with the worst winter China had experienced in 50 years with temperatures down to -9 deg C accompanied by sleet and snow! Arriving from Durban’s 30-32 deg C weather at the height of summer, the contrast was unbelievable.

Transport on this job consisted of 49 abnormal loads and 13 super-link loads.

Back in sunny South Africa, we had to re-plan the entire job due to a short shipment at Shanghai (see note below). This meant going back to the beginning with transporters, especially for the abnormals.

(note) – in what was supposed to have been a 5000 m3 project, the client was forced to short ship 1544 m3 due to the extreme weather in China.