Project – importation of 4 x 45 MVA transformers for City Power Johannesburg


  • (Edison Power (Pty) Ltd)
  • (EMCO India Pvt Ltd)

Cargo – 204 pces / 300 ton / 659 m3 comprising

  • 4 transformer tanks, each 6 x 2.55 x 3.86 / 40 ton
  • 92 cases parts
  • 108 pallets transformer oil

Paccon’s scope – Paccon was contracted to arrange movement from free alongside ship (FAS) Mumbai to door consignee site, Johannesburg, including; sea-freight, pre and post shipment survey by qualified marine cargo surveyors, marine insurance, import clearance formalities and inland transport.

The project had started life some months earlier, but due to design changes final production was delayed and shipment postponed.

During late March 2008 with a production completion date in sight, we started looking at shipping options.

In late April we booked space with Conti Lines on their multi-purpose vessel, “Conti Express” for shipment in first week June. During late May our appointed surveyors in Mumbai started with pre-shipment inspections at the (EMCO’s) factory and finally in June the transformers were loaded and the vessel sailed for Durban.

On arrival at Durban we arranged for discharge of the transformer tanks directly to 4 air-suspension low-beds. Shock recorders attached to each tank were checked and all cargo inspected by marine surveyors. Delivery had to be staged over 3 days as the consignee could not off-load all 4 units simultaneously. The remaining cases of parts and pallets of oil were delivered using 7 super-link trailer combinations. Finally the last items were delivered after more than a year of planning and final execution.